Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers which we often deal with. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.

What is a Fixed Penalty Notice?

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is a fine which may be issued as an alternative to prosecution. It does not require a court appearance and does not result in a criminal record. Payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice enables the parent/carer to discharge the potential liability for prosecution and subsequent conviction.

What is the cost of a Fixed Penalty Notice?

£60 if paid within 21 days or £120 if paid within 28 days.

When are Fixed Penalty Notice is issued?

A Fixed Penalty Notice is issued if a pupil has unauthorised absence from school and their parent/carer fails to co-operate with the Education Welfare Service to improve this situation; if a pupil has unauthorised absence from school and this does not improve following a warning letter; if a holiday is taken during term-time

How quickly can we expect to see results?

We aim to increase attendance within our first 2 terms.

What constitutes chronic absence?

Chronic absence is missing excessive amounts of school for any reason including excused and unexcused absences, as well as days missed to suspensions. Attendance Works recommends defining chronic absence as missing 10% or more of school days. This research-based threshold allows for easy comparisons across districts and promotes earlier identification of students to trigger intervention. It is different from truancy, which is typically defined based upon unexcused absences. A school's chronic absence rate is the percentage of students who are chronically absent.